Spam Filtering

Our filters save time and money, while increasing security

Spam is a growing problem -we've all experienced the feeling that it's taken over our inboxes. At best, it's a nuisance that lowers your employees' productivity, and at worst it's a serious threat to the security of your network. Spam filtering from I.T. Insiders not only saves time; it protects your company's valuable resources.

Keep your staff happy and your data safe. With our email filtering services, you can eliminate your spam-related problems.

The advanced features of the I.T. Insiders filtering program include:

  • Tough spam detection rules
  • Strict anti-phishing rules
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Scans to detect spam hidden in pictures
  • User-based filter settings and login accounts for all employees

There aren't too many simple ways to both save time and reduce threats-but signing up for email filtering is one of them! Contact I.T. Insiders to see just how quickly we can have program up and running for your business.